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Since I could remember I wanted to be a teacher and be creative all at the same time. Whether I was teaching my stuffed animals or stealing my dads flip phone to snap a picture, I was doing something creative!

Something you will probably hear during our session is I'm not just a photographer, I'm also a special education teacher. I love pouring into the littlest and most curious minds and instilling in them the desire to dream big no matter what.

But above everything, I love Jesus with my whole heart. He's the reason I get to experience the joy of creating and the reason I can live this crazy thing called life.

hi, I'm Mara



worshiping Jesus

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others loving Jesus


There are some moments in life that can only be fully explained through photos. Photos are a million perfect words when we don't have any of the right ones. 

Sometimes these words are forgotten because of the speed that we live life. These moments are blurred or fuzzy from stress and emotions. The little things in life that keep us going are sometimes only seen in a glimpse. 

But photo's rarely disappear. They stick around whether we like it or not and they are never shy when retelling a story. Photo's remind us that life has and will be good even during the dark and scary times. Photos work hand in hand with memories and remind us to live life a little more freely.

I believe some moments cannot be explained but only shown

our Philosophy